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EULR Summer School - A fully funded summer school for students in Montenegro, 2019

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In a new series of articles, we will explore opportunities and scholarships in many fields. Which are provided by governmental and non-governmental organizations, and charitable or non-profit organizations.
This is a wonderful opportunity, my friends, and an unforgettable experience in many respects On the one hand, you will find yourself experiencing an extraordinary experience, and you will be away from your circle of comfort, And on the other hand you will develop your skills and abilities, as well as obtaining professional certificates that will help you greatly in your career.

We start with this opportunity:
(EULR Summer School - Edition 2019)

Place of Opportunity:
Igalo, Montenegro, EU.

Deadline for submission:
Before 13th May 2019.

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About the Opportunity:
This year's summer school scholarship aims to address some issues and put them in the context of EU enlargement efforts. It will be held at Igalo
(Herceg-Novi, Montego, July 7-13, 2019, which is open to final year students for undergraduate students and graduate students in law and political science, as well as young professionals and researchers..
2019 represents a special year for the European Union, which faces many new challenges. What is the direction of the European Union today? How will the union form without Britain?
(Note: All information listed is available on the official website of opportunity, We cited a summary of that from the same source, for More Click Here)

Specializations to get this opportunity:

This opportunity requires the following Specializations:
- Political Science Students.
- Law Students.

Languages ​​required to apply for it:
- English Language.

Countries /regions targeted for opportunity:
- All countries/regions of the world.

Opportunity Period:
- between 7 July/13 July 2019.

Terms of Submission:
- Young professionals.
- An undergraduate student or a graduate student studying law and political science.

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Fees of the opportunity:
(Fully funded / partly)
The EU offers a number of partial and full scholarships for students requesting funding during the application process.
The full cost of study, accommodation and food during the conference time is 850,00 Euro.

Steps to apply:
First Step:
You need to prepare the following informations for an invitation letter to all participants who require a visa:
- Name and last name.
- Place of birth and date of birth.
- Passport number / The expiry date of the passport and date of issuance of passport.

Second Step:
You need to fill this submission form Here

Third Step:
If you are lucky and Your application has been accepted, You have a last step you may need to secure a visa to enter the Republic of Montenegro .
Information on visa requirements can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Montenegro.
You can visit the official site of this Ministry from Here

Official site of opportunity:
As I said before, We briefly presented the opportunity. For more information about the opportunity, visit its official website from Here

and do not forget,The world is full of opportunities which you must seize!
Thanks For Reading 😊

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