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Start self learning trip from scratch

What is self-education?

Self-education is the learning that one does without a teacher directly.
So you can access the sources of information directly over the Internet,and also
you can choose what you want to learn for yourself according to what you want.
education Which is among the many advantages of the Internet.
As everyone knows, the Internet has helped immensely to dedicate this kind of
Like anything there are pros and cons.We will see the advantages of
e-learning,as well as the disadvantages of traditional education.

The advantages of self-education:
-Because the university or school isn't enough and can not rely on either of them
absolutly in the journey of learning.
-A large proportion of universities and educational institutions rely mainly on
the theorical aspect.
-The absence of a link between the teacher and the student in the educational
-the cost of many courses in the field of language learning or computer science.
-focus on the final grades and tests as the basics for passing the different stages
of study.

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The disadvantages of traditional learning:
-depends on memorization and indoctrination.
-lacks practical side.
-it is expensive at times.
-Courses lag behind reality and contemporary life.
-Sometimes there are inappropriate conditions between the student and the teacher

First of all, you have to determine exactly what you want to learn, This is the most important point in your self-learning journey. Because the Internet is almost full of educational courses in all fields, And specify exactly what you want It makes it much easier and puts you in the right way.
And you know exactly what you want to learn, the choice is yours.
Unlike traditional education which relies on many tools and sometimes
is unnecessary,You will need in your trip Some simple things.

The tools you will need on your self learning trip:

- A computer laptop or mobile phone(and must be connected to the internet).
-A note taking (to follow up and record notes while pursuing any course ).
-A Small notebook (this notebook should never leave your pocket to record any
idea you might think of).

Note: You can use between these Free note taking apps (We include direct link
from play store and app store and apps for Windows/Mac Computers):

note taking for android devices :

note taking for ios devices :

note taking for Windows Computer :
- Quip

note taking for Mac Computer :
- Bear

We have proposed these tools for their ease and availability by your side,
The issue remains a matter of choice from you and you can create as you like,
in my humble opinion.That's what you'll need With little organization and a strong desire to learn. So good luck in your trip.

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