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Young Health 2019 program in the UK (fully funded opportunity)

Young Health Program 2019 (YHP), AstraZeneca, UK

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Place of Opportunity:
London, United Kingdom, EU

Deadline for submission:
Before 25th May 2019

About the Opportunity:
AstraZenecais working together with One Young World to introduce 18 grants to rousing youthful pioneers to go to One World Summit 2019 in London, UK. Effective analysts will join 7 other YHP youth who are as of now taking part in the program, for example, peer teachers, advocates, NGO accomplices, or network youth pioneers. Notwithstanding going to the summit, YHP researchers will take part in a pre-summit workshop to meet with the assignment, trade data on their experiences and plan for what will be a stunning background in London… Through Young Health (YHP), AstraZeneca draws in youngsters and illuminates them with the goal that they can settle on sound decisions that will prompt better wellbeing further down the road. Youth are at the center of YHP's exercises, which give youngsters with a solid voice in recognizing their wellbeing needs just as arranging and conveying arrangements
(Note: All information listed is available on the official website of opportunity, We cited a summary of that from the same source)

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Specializations to get this chance: This open door requires the accompanying Specializations/Areas: - Treatment of tobacco use and liquor utilization. - Increase physical movement and exercise. - Improve diet and sustenance. - Raise attention to psychological well-being and bolster individuals with emotional wellness issues. - Pollution treatment and improvement of air quality. Dialects ​​required to apply for it: - English Language. Nations/districts focused for circumstance: - All nations/districts of the world.

Languages ​​required to apply for it:
- English Language.

Countries /regions targeted for opportunity:
- All countries/regions of the world.

Opportunity Period:
- The opportunities will be held from 21 to 25 October 2019.

Terms of Submission:
- Youth (aged 18-30) working for or participating in a non-governmental organization.
- Social institution or community institution.
- Individuals affected by direct advocacy or programming activities to combat the burden of non-communicable diseases.

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Charges: (Completely financed)- Covers: - The expense of movement to and from London. - Access to One Young World Summit 2019 in London. - Hotel settlement is on a mutual premise somewhere in the range of 21 and 25 October 2019. - Restaurants incorporate breakfast, lunch and supper. - Transportation between the Summit Residence and the setting of the Summit. - Workouts and materials for the summit. - Workshop before achieving Youth Health program. - Estimated assets to cover sensible costs related with access to the Summit and from (can be asserted by analysts after the Summit). 
Steps to apply:
First Step:
You need to fill this submission form Here

Second Step:
Wait for your request to be answered.

Third Step:
In the event that you are fortunate and Your application has been acknowledged, You have a last advance you may need to tie down a visa to enter the UK . Data on visa necessities can be found on the official site of Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the UK . You can visit the official site of this Ministry from Here
Official site of opportunity:
For more information about the opportunity, visit its official website
from Here

and do not forget,The world is full of opportunities which you must seize!

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